Cameron Scanners

Cameron, now operating under Schlumberger is one of the leading scanner manufacturers worldwide. In connection to Cameron scanners, our company provides one of the most accurate scanning technologies developed by Cameron scanners. We ship Cameron scanners worldwide. Feel free to contact us via the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Cameron Scanners

Cameron scanners are used for gas, vapour, and liquid measurements. The technology was previously only available in large instruments. However, the technology enabled the scanners to become more compact, explosion-proof and user friendly. The instrument can operate with minimal power for an extended period of time. This makes scanners one of the most used reading tool in hard to reach areas. Cameron scanner is an inexpensive alternative for the chart recorder and a flow computer. The new generation scanners are able to  measure and compute volumes of gas and liquids without an error.

Cameron scanner


The measurements generated by scanners are based on the pressure outputs. The scanners are great at  measuring the gas and water used in methane operations. Cameron scanners offer everything needed to work in a compact, explosion-proof device. Similarly, compensated liquid measurements can be obtained with an installation of a cone meter.

Pressure and temperature


The recent developments in the scanner industry enabled temperature and pressure inputs to be able to be measured and computed. This is where Cameron Scanners come into the scene. When the measurement is the goal, there is no other solution than buying one of our Cameron scanners. They can be easily mounted directly into a liquid turbine. Our scanners give the exact measurement of liquids and gas flowing at a non constant pressure rate. Additional extension card can be placed allowing the scanner to measure up to three flow operations, which could represent a measurement of the gas, the measurement of the water and the measurement of the oil.

Cameron scanner

Pulse input

Each Cameron scanner is shipped complete with all parts for configuration and flow calculations. A selected range of our scanners are able to list historical data in addition to current data. Also, because the scanners are able to emit a significant amount of energy through the flow of materials, only minimal amounts of energy are required for operation. This makes Cameron scanners one of the most robust and easy to maintain scanners in the world.