The weatherproof flow totalizer NUFLO MC-III WP offers state-of – the-art measurement of liquid and gas with data logging and Modbus ® communication in a weatherproof totalizer that is easy to use.

CAMERON MC-III WP Specifications

Our NUFLO MC-III WP weatherproof flow totalizer is a powerful addition to any flow measurement operation with the ability to record up to 384 daily flow logs, 768 hourly logs and 345 event logs. The weatherproof flow totalizer of the NUFLO MC-III WP is easily configured on the front of the instrument with the six-button keypad. Built-in shortcuts to common features reduce on-site user time. Our weatherproof flow totalizer NUFLO MC-III WP also connects to a turbine meter or preamplifier. Users can select a frequency output of 4 to 20 mA, a pulse output, or an amplified flow meter that allows remote equipment to calculate flow rates and volume. The NuFloTM MC-IIITM WP Flow Analyzer packs a full range of gas and liquid measurement capabilities, high-speed performance, and log archiving and recovery capabilities in a weatherproof totalizer that is easy to use.

Commonly used activities can be obtained from the front of the instrument’s six-button keypad or from the vibrant display software, enabling you to rapidly and easily calibrate and configure the device.  Based on a turbine flowmeter entry message, the MC-III WP calculates and shows instantaneous flow prices and acquired amounts. The microprocessor circuitry of the MC-III counts the pulses generated by a companion flowmeter, converts the data according to calibration settings into volume and rate values, and displays the total data on a two-line liquid crystal display (LCD). The top reading of eight digits indicates total volume of flow; the bottom reading of six digits indicates flow rate. Totals are saved to non-volatile memory by pressing a single key, minimizing the risk of data loss even if there is a power outage.