CAMERON Scanner 3100 Series Wired and Wireless

Our most sophisticated flow computer, the Scanner Model 3100 flow computer, provides both a distributed assessment network’s creative price benefits and centralized computing competence. The Scanner Model 3100 flow computer, which doubles as a network manager, enables an API-compliant flow computer wireless mesh network that provides a standard of cost-effectiveness and data integrity protection unmatched by standard automation alternatives.

CAMERON Scanner 3100 Series Specifications

The flow computer of the Scanner Model 3100 makes developmental and revolutionary ideas of electronic flow processing a fact. The Scanner Model 3100 flow computer expands the Scanner Model 2000 series idea in traditional assessment automation architecture. The Scanner Model 3100 flow computer, like the Scanner Series 2000 flow phone, can be mounted on our air and fluid engine flow meters, orifice meters, and tube meters or delivered individually for attachment to a CALDON item or other main flow detector. The Scanner Model 3100 meets the demands for prevalent sector apps with 17 inputs and outputs and provides clients ‘ needs in pursuit of a flow device, total or device substitution, RTU, or full network solution.

Using an Ethernet link and a straightforward web browser, the Scanner Model 3100 flow computer model is installed. Users can use a computer, tablet or smartphone to control the device, offering full freedom to monitor activities locally or externally. The gui simplifies installation and calibration and gives links to the flow computer and networked equipment produced by the Scanner Model 3100. Data can be accessed via the internet browser, an FTP client or a linear connection. Not only does the Scanner Model 3100 flow computer generate weekly and hourly fluid amounts, it also tracks and documents other characteristics that may be influential in evaluating a asset or diagnosing a issue. A trigger log may be used to capture high-resolution data based on an event or threshold for detailed analysis.