CAMERON Scanner Model 2200 Flow Computer

Use a stand-alone Scanner 2200 flow computer or a network of Scanner computers to experience low-power estimation in a large-scale SCADA system. Cameron Scanner 2200 are accessible, prepared for assembly, in wired or wireless settings.

CAMERON Scanner Model 2200 Specifications

The Scanner Model 2200 flow computer finishes the Scanner Series 2000 flow software collection with a weatherproof kit, offering sufficient room for radio or other long-haul systems systems, charging device or DC energy storage, and solar-powered rechargeable battery. On flow computer setup, the capacity for price reductions of up to 50 cents has triggered increasing concern in wireless communications for the oil and gas industry. Opportunities to integrate cellular into the flow software company, however, were restricted by standard processing technologies that rely on input information being delivered failed. Our creative use of low-power flow computers to capture and store main readings and calculation results at the measurement stage has revolutionized the use of cellular as a feasible flow computation alternative.

Operators can optimize their deployments with a mixture of Scanner Series 2000 flow pcs and cable or connected connections with its additional processing method without compromising data integrity. This self-contained flow computer is an effective solution to graph recorders by using an embedded sensor for differential stress, absolute pressure, and temperature readings. A single Scanner Model 2200 flow computer is strong enough for measuring gas, oil, and water from a two-or three-phase separator when attached to extra flowmeters. To fulfill custody transfer apps, the Scanner Model 2200 software complies with a extensive roster of flow measurement standards. For price advantages and effective field testing, scanner flow computers can be plant installed and fitted to Cameron orifice or cone meters. They can also be installed remotely to flowmeters and automation systems, including our gas and liquid turbine and ultrasonic flowmeters.