CAMERON Scanner Model 2100 Flow Computer

Use a stand-alone Scanner* Series 2000 flow computer or a network of Scanner pcs to experience low-power estimation in a large-scale SCADA system. Scanner Series 2000 computers are accessible, prepared for assembly, in wired or wireless settings.

CAMERON Scanner Model 2100 Specifications

The Scanner Model 2100 flow computer builds on the Scanner Model 2000 computer functionality with short-haul SmartMesh ® wireless sensor networking for cost-effective communication of measurement devices, twice the battery capacity of the Scanner Model 2000 computer, and added conduit entries. The Scanner Model 2100 flow computers can operate autonomously on an internal lithium battery for a year or longer. When external power is applied, the lithium battery pack is on standby to ensure uninterrupted measurement without an expensive reserve power system. Scanner Model 2100 flow computers enable threshold values to be assigned to any measured or computed value for controlling a process with a status output. The output can be configured to trigger if one or all of the selected conditions exceed the threshold and can be latched or unlatched for automatic reset (requiring user acknowledgement to reset).

When automation requirements exceed the capacity of a single flow computer, our networking innovation provides a cost-saving solution. By deploying various Scanner flow pcs and a web-accessible Scanner 3100 computer network manager, our distributed processing system equips customers with a single device to view information for up to 22 flow flows and enhances data protection. Unlike distributed automation schemes that damage the validity of fluid computations with wasted or postponed information signals, Cameron’s alternative is resistant to these hazards by architecture. Before sending a copy to the network manager, each computer measures and logs the flow data at the measurement point, so even if a transmission fails, the data remains secure and compliant with the API. Should communications be interrupted, the Scanner computers and the network manager automatically synchronize to restore missing data records.